Why A Marriage Seminar?

If you have to ask, “Why attend a marriage seminar?” – then it’s time!  


Marriage is a beautiful journey, but it also requires effort, understanding, and continuous growth. Whether you’re newlyweds or have been married for years, attending a marriage seminar can be a valuable investment in your relationship. Seminars are a unique opportunity for couples to learn, grow, and strengthen their bond. 


You might be thinking “We’re ok, we got this,” but did you know that attending a seminar could be a real game-changer for your relationship? In full honesty, there was a time when Tim and I thought we had it, that we could do it. But we weren’t prepared. It wasn’t until a bump in the road became a crater that we realized we had neglected our marriage. That difficult period in our life and relationship led us to want to help other couples to be intentional about their relationships.

The Benefits of Marriage Seminars

So, let’s explore why you should consider attending a marriage seminar and the benefits of it.


  1. Enhancing Communication Skills

We all know that effective communication is the foundation of a healthy and thriving marriage. Unfortunately, we aren’t taught good communication–thus we don’t have the skills. A seminar helps couples improve their communication skills through actively listening, expressing themselves honestly, and resolving conflicts peacefully. By learning these essential skills, couples can foster better understanding and connection.


  1. Gaining New Perspectives

A seminar is a platform for couples to gain fresh perspectives on their relationship. Time together provides valuable insights into the dynamics of a healthy relationship and inspires couples to implement positive changes in their own lives.


  1. Strengthening Emotional Intimacy

I think we all would agree that emotional intimacy is a vital aspect of any successful marriage. Attending a marriage seminar can help couples deepen their emotional connection by providing a safe space to explore their feelings, vulnerabilities, and desires. A deeper level of connection can lead to increased trust, understanding, and overall satisfaction in the relationship.


  1. Acquiring Practical Tools and Strategies

A mechanic needs tools to fix the car. A surgeon needs tools to operate. Navigating the ups and downs of married life also requires specialized tools. Attending a seminar equips couples with practical tools and strategies especially for their marriage. Through learning and implementing these tools, couples can overcome challenges more effectively and build a stronger foundation for their marriage.


  1. Investing in Your Relationship

A successful marriage requires investing. By dedicating time and effort to attend such an event, you are sending a clear message to your partner that you value them and prioritize your marriage. This act of commitment can reignite the spark in your relationship and demonstrate your willingness to work together towards a fulfilling and lasting partnership.

A Transformative Experience

Attending a marriage seminar can be a transformative experience for couples. It offers an opportunity to enhance communication skills, gain new perspectives, strengthen emotional intimacy, acquire practical tools, and invest in the relationship. By actively participating in these seminars, couples can nurture their bond, learn to overcome challenges, and create a thriving and fulfilling marriage. 


So, why wait? Consider attending the Rekindle That Loving Feeling seminar and embark on a journey of growth and connection with your partner. Your relationship deserves it!


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Our Very First Blow Up!

It’s true! We weren’t even married 24 hours, and wouldn’t you know it? We had our very first blow up. It left us confused and wondering what happened. You see, the day before, we were full of excitement, love, and joy. Fast forward one day, and we were barely able to look at one another. So just what was the argument about? (Wait for it…) – the wedding gifts weren’t recorded correctly. Really? We would let something so insignificant steal our joy? Rob us of our happily ever after?


Looking back, I can see we were both tired. It had been a long couple of days with all the wedding preparation, the wedding, and then the reception immediately after. While getting married was an exciting and joyous milestone for Tim and me, we didn’t really stop to think about how stressful our wedding day would be. Or how transitioning into married life would be so challenging. 


  • What happens from the excitement of the wedding to the marriage itself?  
  • What do you do when the light of that loving feeling of dating and the newness of being married begins to dim?
  • How do you respond when you see your dreams and goals for life and your happily ever after fading away?

Common Stresses That Might Cause Blow Ups

Let’s look at some of the stresses that can occur throughout the course of marriage:


Early Stages ~


  1. Overwhelm from Wedding Planning

Planning a wedding involves numerous decisions, from choosing a venue and selecting vendors to managing guest lists and coordinating timelines. The sheer number of tasks can quickly become overwhelming, leading to stress and anxiety. Friction between the couple is a real possibility, and something to be aware of during this exciting yet anxious time. 


Transitional Stages ~


  1. Financial Strain and Concerns

Weddings (and let’s be honest – life!) can be expensive. Financial strain is a common stressor for many couples. It’s not uncommon for couples to get caught up in the event and not focus on the true value of a wedding, which is the love and commitment shared between the couple. 

It is essential to discuss long-term financial dreams, goals, and concerns early in a marriage, to ensure both spouses are on the same page and on the right track!


  1. Adjusting to Married Life

This is no small thing! The transition from being engaged to being married can bring about a mix of difficult emotions. It’s normal to feel a sense of excitement, but also anxiety about the unknown. Plus, adjusting to living together can be a real challenge. Giving grace and allowing space for these changes is crucial to a marriage.


Ongoing and Ever-Changing Stages ~


  1. Managing Family Expectations

Family dynamics and expectations can add another layer of stress during just about any phase of marriage. Establishing boundaries and communicating your needs and desires can be difficult, but these discussions are paramount to a healthy relationship.


  1. Self-Care and Prioritizing Your Relationship

Amidst the chaos of wedding planning, adjusting to married life, and as the marital and family life evolve, it’s essential to prioritize self-care and your relationship. The wedding is just one day, but marriage is a lifelong journey. 


While I share an early argument in our married life, we’ve certainly had many more ‘learning opportunities’ through the years. I wish someone would have sat with us and shared that marriage is a lifelong journey requiring not only love, but a continued commitment to stretch, learn, and grow. I can honestly say that times would have been easier if we had put the effort into our relationship to grow together.  


Maybe you are at a place where you find yourself wondering what happened to that loving feeling. Or your marriage is ‘good,’ but you know there is much more in store for your relationship. 


No matter the stage of your marriage, we hope you will consider attending our marriage seminar, Rekindle That Loving Feeling. We would love to help you learn and grow together into the next level for your marriage. 


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It would be a privilege for Tim and I to see you at our Rekindle That Loving Feeling Seminar!


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Special Christmas Gifts

Looking back through the years, I remember some unique and special Christmas gifts I received. I got a stuffed monkey with a banana from my brother (I was only four!), a guitar from my mom and dad, a skirt, a shirt, and a sweater from my son, Matthew. He was three at the time and couldn’t hold a secret. After shopping, Matthew walked in with Tim and said, “I won’t tell Mommy we got her a skirt, shirt, and sweater!” I smile every time I share this memory! I fondly remember the Christmas Tim gave me the ‘journey’ necklace – and so many other precious gifts.  

How about you? Do you have memories of extra meaningful gifts you received through the years? Gifts that have made you smile or touched your heart?

Have you thought about a gift that would enhance your marriage? You can touch your spouse’s heart as they realize you value your relationship enough to make the commitment to do something for your marriage.  

A Gift for Your Marriage

Well, l would love to share with you the upcoming seminar Tim and I are preparing for you and your spouse.  

On February 17th – 18th, 2024, we are presenting Rekindle That Loving Feeling!

We will cover:

* How we lose that Loving Feeling in the first place

* Steps to regain that Loving Feeling

* Dinner and Entertainment

* Exercises to reignite and keep that Loving Feeling going!

Has Your Fire Burned Down to a Flicker?

In our marriage history, there have been times when the fire in our marriage was just a flicker. I wish I could say it was just us, but we have met so many couples you have experienced the same in their marriages. So, Tim and I felt it was essential to develop and present the Rekindle seminar to help others in the same situation know they are not alone, and restoration is possible. The slow-burning embers of your relationship can be reignited!

Of course, it doesn’t ‘just happen.’ Tim and I had to do the work, showing each other that our marriage was invaluable and reinforcing our commitment to keeping the fire burning strong in our relationship. 

How about you? Are you ready to give your spouse the best gift ever?  Send them the message of how committed you are to your marriage by joining us for the Rekindle That Loving Feeling seminar in February!

Diana and I have had the pleasure of leading marriage group studies at our church.  One study we did with a group was a book, Bringing Out the Best in Your Spouse.  One of the common themes in this book is that ladies are cheerleaders for their husbands and the guys are encouragers for their wives.  To bring out the best in your spouse it is as simple as that.  In fact, the same applies to our kids, be the cheerleader and be the encourager for them.

I read the following scripture today.

Matthew 18:21-22  Then Peter came to him and asked, “Sir, how often should I forgive a brother who sins against me? Seven times?” “No!” Jesus replied, “seventy times seven!”

Now reread the scripture above, but this time replace the word “brother”, with the word “spouse”!  How often should we forgive our spouse for the times they leave the car on empty?  Seven times? No, seventy times seven.  How often should we forgive our spouse for leaving dirty dishes in the sink, or dirty laundry in the middle of the room, or ….  Not seven times, but seventy times seven.  How do we forgive.  We learn to Let it Go!

Father, we give You thanks for putting into our lives those that we love, even though they are not perfect. We ask to be continually reminded that You forgave us and teach us to forgive others.  We pray for patience today and the wisdom to just let it go.  Amen.

Have a Letting Go Day.

Tim and Diana

Victory is Ours Already!