Diana and I have had the pleasure of leading marriage group studies at our church.  One study we did with a group was a book, Bringing Out the Best in Your Spouse.  One of the common themes in this book is that ladies are cheerleaders for their husbands and the guys are encouragers for their wives.  To bring out the best in your spouse it is as simple as that.  In fact, the same applies to our kids, be the cheerleader and be the encourager for them.

I read the following scripture today.

Matthew 18:21-22  Then Peter came to him and asked, “Sir, how often should I forgive a brother who sins against me? Seven times?” “No!” Jesus replied, “seventy times seven!”

Now reread the scripture above, but this time replace the word “brother”, with the word “spouse”!  How often should we forgive our spouse for the times they leave the car on empty?  Seven times? No, seventy times seven.  How often should we forgive our spouse for leaving dirty dishes in the sink, or dirty laundry in the middle of the room, or ….  Not seven times, but seventy times seven.  How do we forgive.  We learn to Let it Go!

Father, we give You thanks for putting into our lives those that we love, even though they are not perfect. We ask to be continually reminded that You forgave us and teach us to forgive others.  We pray for patience today and the wisdom to just let it go.  Amen.

Have a Letting Go Day.

Tim and Diana

Victory is Ours Already!