The Book - Our Journey | by Tim & Diana Journy | Saving Marriages

Our Journey

By Tim & Diana Journy

• Infidelity Revealed
• Rocky Recovery
• Marriage Restored

Tim and Diana Journy tell the brutally honest story from each of their perspectives of the devastation that infidelity causes in a marriage. Their unique style allows the reader to be present with them during their rocky journey from the actual letter revealing the infidelity through the numerous missteps in their attempts at healing, and finally to the restoration of a marriage. As you read you will see that being caught in the snare of infidelity puts you on a treacherous path. Yet, Tim and Diana pressed on, never giving up, even when the future looked bleak. They worked with many to get guidance, direction and tools. But most importantly, they learned to lean on God. This book is about providing hope to others who find themselves on their own Journey.