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Your Journey to Finding Hope and Healing After Heartbreak Starts Here

Even if your heart is feeling broken into a million pieces right now, you can still create a future that’s bright with joy.

For some, that means the desire to rekindle love and heal together, instead of spiraling into a destructive divorce. For others, it’s a matter of finding your voice and embracing change to grow and move forward.

These are the kind of journeys I’ve spent the last 13 years helping my clients navigate.

They say a broken heart or an empty stomach can teach you a lot. I discovered my passion for helping others heal and started The Journey Through as a result of healing my own marriage after my husband’s infidelity.

My educational background provided a beginning framework for the help I knew I could provide others. I have a BA in Psychology, Sociology, and Criminal Justice from Illinois State University. But to make the greatest impact, I needed to take my training even further. That’s when my husband and I attended a Fast Track coaching program through Coach U. I then went on to study through Light University, receiving my certificate as an Advanced Christian Life Coach.

Combining all that education with the raw emotion and intense reflection that experiencing betrayal brings, has given me a deep understanding (and the tools) for navigating relationships. Especially the complexities that arise after trust has been broken.

As a result, I’ve empowered countless women—and couples as a whole—to save their marriages. With my help, others have found the courage to focus on nurturing their self-love and voice, choosing to forge a path toward divine fulfillment and happiness without staying stuck in the past.

Here are a few words from a recent client I’ve had the honor of helping:

“After my husband’s affair, I never thought I would be happy again. It was the most difficult and devastating thing that has ever taken place in my life. I was fortunate enough to have found Diana as my coach and guide. She helped me get through the many trying times I’ve had on the journey of healing from infidelity.” – C., from Quebec

Through a foundation of Passion, Faith, Compassion, and Purpose I’m proud to say I’ve won over even the most reluctant clients after working together.
Once upon a time, I worked with a client for two years whose husband didn’t like me (at all!). I worked with the wife one-on-one at first, giving her a fresh approach to deal with her husband’s bullying.

At one point, she was doing things so differently that her husband—who didn’t like me—considered reaching out to me. And this led to him requesting a Private Intensive. Unfortunately, his wife was diagnosed with cancer and passed away 18 months later.

I’m honored to say that with my guidance, they were able to experience those precious last 18 months in a healed and supportive marriage.
Outside of my work, I’m a compassionate and loving mom and grandma. I enjoy being active in my church and nurturing my faith. Plus, I’ve been involved with a number of nonprofits such as:

  • Board Member for The March of Dimes
  • Co-founder of Special Care Infants in Midland Texas
  • Officer positions in PTO’s, Junior Women’s Club, Junior League
  • Advisor for MOPS at our church

The list goes on!

I currently serve as the coordinator for Broken and Beautiful, a support group for women betrayed. My husband and I also have lead the Marriage Ministry at our church for five years and counting, leading a marriage-life group, Marriage Transformed.

The bottom line is this: If you’re experiencing turmoil in your marriage, it’s not a one-way ticket to divorce.

You have more options and hope than you might think! I’d love to speak with you and discuss how I can support and guide you.
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