• Splintered Hearts Book Opportunity | Untangling the Chaos of Infedelity
What do you do when your heart is shredded, your self-confidence is in tatters, and the anguish of your soul manifests either through scalding tears, murderous anger, or simply the unwillingness to go on living?
How do you put back the pieces of a splintered heart?

In July of 2007, I found myself in this very place. My husband admitted that he had had an affair. He told me that while he loved the other woman, they had ended their relationship, and he was willing to work on the problems in our marriage. We spent the next nine months muddling in muck, as I like to call it. For those nine months, our healing was not pretty. We both were guilty of dwelling in our own hurts, never moving forward. I was stuck in a mantra of pain: how could he or why did he have an affair? There was self-doubt. Wasn’t I good enough, pretty enough, or…? My husband was in the midst of justification for the choice he made, living in denial that it was his decision to cross the line of his own moral compass.

However, the story doesn’t end there…

My husband and I were able to walk through the chaos and destruction of infidelity to the other side. But because I have experienced the pain and hopelessness of betrayal, it has become my life’s purpose to help other women in similar situations.

Have you, too, been in the pit of pain and devastation like I was? Did you find yourself praying for someone to come along, reach in, and pull you out? Someone to give you a helping hand or a shoulder to lean on when you couldn’t stand? Or did you go searching for a book by someone who had gone through what you had and survived? Do you feel that tug on your heart, that quiet voice telling you not to let others go through this alone?

Is it time to reach out with your story?

“Splintered Hearts” Book Opportunity

Splintered Hearts! is a collaborative book of Christian sisters uniting together to share their stories of triumph over their personal pain and the chaos of infidelity. And I want to invite you to be a part of this special group of women sharing their stories of healing through the power of faith and God.

I believe that a book composed of real stories of real women who walked through the chaos of infidelity will be a life saver for so many who are in the midst of their own journey of betrayal. This will be a book filled with the stories of overcomers who have found joy and peace in their lives against the devastation of infidelity. It will be a book of triumphs and heroes whose stories will give hope to others who are in the battle against overwhelming odds.

Diana Journy | Splintered Heart Book Opportunity | a Book about Infidelity
And I want YOU to join me on this journey!

Can you imagine the impact of a book full of the testimonies of real women who have endured the pain of infidelity and survived? Women who came out on the other side and are courageous enough to offer a helping hand to those who need to find hope in the midst of their own pit of despair? Are you this woman? Your story can be the encouragement for others to persevere and endure the rollercoaster of healing from betrayal.

Splintered Hearts

On the surface? This book is about women who have or are successfully maneuvering the chaos of infidelity. And yes, there could be some who are still in the midst. Women who have moved from total darkness and despair to a glimpse of light laced with hope.

But really? It’s about being open and honest with like-minded women, thoroughly supported while sharing the journey of your heart being splintered. It is the stories of other women who have battled through the chaos of infidelity and their transparency and resilience.

  • Have you seen miracles since you were splintered by betrayal?
  • Have you seen the beautiful gifts by pressing through after being betrayed?
  • Is your life better than you thought it might be after you walked through the chaos of infidelity?
  • Do you want to share hope with others that there is joy on the other side of betrayal?
Here’s what a contributor has to say about her Splintered Heart experience!

I truly believe I Corinthians 5:17, “If any man is in Christ, he is a new creation. Old things are passed away, behold, all things are new.” Living through my Splintered Heart experience has deepened my understanding of the truths that lie within this verse. God’s faithful care of me has produced a “newness” that I didn’t think possible. I live authentically, embracing the lessons I have learned through broken ideals, and joyfully, because of the “new” I am becoming. There is joy in sharing my story, because God only authors stories of hope…my prayer is for others to press on in hope.

Do you want share your story in the Splintered Hearts book?

When you first learned you had been betrayed, did you find yourself searching for someone else’s story that would offer you hope for your journey? During your healing, have you felt the desire to share your story of betrayal? Or the desire to help someone who is going through the chaos of infidelity? Splintered Hearts! is the self-help book I was looking for—one of real stories of survival and hope. It’s a book written by real women opening up and sharing their stories, being vulnerable. There is healing in sharing our stories, not only for others, but for ourselves.

Okay, I know there are some who are saying:
  1. “But what if my spouse doesn’t want our story out?”
  2. “I don’t want others to know that my husband betrayed me.”
  3. “I haven’t told my family, and I don’t want them to know.”

I get it and I understand. That is why you can choose to be anonymous. You don’t have to give your name. You can use alias names and facts to protect others and still tell your story. Even when writing anonymously, telling your story and releasing it will give you more healing.

By the end of this book collaboration, your rewards will be:
  1. Increased Healing.  Sharing your story is an avenue of the healing by process.
  2. Provide Hope for Others. Your story will help others see that there is hope to not only survive infidelity, but to thrive.
  3. Empowerment. You will be a part of a dynamic team working towards the same goal—giving hope and healing to others through the power of stories.
  4. Establish Friendship and Support. Through the private Facebook page you will find other women sharing their stories of betrayal. They will become your friends and offer you support as we go through the process of launching the book.
  5. Increase your Presence. Being a published author will give you a distinction and credibility.
So how about it?

Grab your pen, paper, tablet, or iPad, and get ready to release your story to the world because, “There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.”  ~Maya Angelou, I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings

I’m looking for women who want to participate in this collaborative book project. We have room for 30 women and the book process takes at least 150 days. We are planning to have the book launch in September, dates to be determined.

Your heartfelt contribution is all it will take to get published alongside women with similar stories of betrayal. (And yes, if you choose to tell your story using your name, you will be a published author listed on Amazon)

I know that you have a powerful story to tell, and I believe that your words will offer hope, give encouragement, and empower women who havestruggled or are currently struggling with being betrayed.

Give others hope and inspire them through the power of your story.

Splintered Hearts!
Untangling the Chaos of Infidelity is about picking up the pieces of our splintered hearts
and putting ourselves back together.

 I’m excited to be part of this book Splintered Hearts!
Untangling the Chaos of Infidelity with Diana Journy.

Join this multi-author book along with your sisters
who have walked through the chaos of infidelity.

  • Receive three copies of the book, and then access the book at a discount for your needs personal, promotional or revenue streams
  • Write your story using the Splintered Heart template to help you with sharing your message (this will be emailed to you once you get registered)
  • Get access to Diana and her book launch experience as an Amazon best seller.
  • Be a part of a book launch team process with your fellow women who have walked through the chaos of infidelity
  • Learn from our editing team during the 6 month experience (our Editor is amazing and she knows how to help craft your story)
  • Add the credibility of being in a book to your personal or business repertoire
  • BONUS #1

    Private Facebook Group for book launch team

  • BONUS #2

    Group training calls each month for book launch team in 2016 (dates to be determined).