So, what about Joseph? There is not much said about him in the Bible. He was engaged to Mary; he was a carpenter; and seemed like a concerned father when Jesus, as a boy, was lost. However, the one thing we know about him – he had a compassionate heart!

Then Joseph, her fiancé, being a man of stern principle, decided to break the engagement but to do it quietly, as he didn’t want to publicly disgrace her.
Matthew 1:19

It was not right! How could she betray him? How could he have been so wrong to choose her? This is not fair! All these thoughts are running through his head. But he would not disgrace her; he would end the engagement quietly.

Then he falls asleep and is visited by the Angel of God in a dream. It is difficult to imagine the conversation that Mary had with Joseph and the story she was telling. But he would not disgrace her. I guess that is why the Lord selected him to be the earthly father of Jesus – he had a compassionate heart!

How about us? Based on our current Compassion Heart score, how would the Lord use us today? When we are slighted by another, do we forgive quietly so not to disgrace, or do we get our revenge? Do we care more for others or just for ourselves?

I heard on the radio the other day, that while telling your spouse that you love them is very important, it is more important to sacrifice your own interest for that of your spouse – that shows true love and a compassionate heart! How would your spouse rate your heart? (Don’t ask Diana – I’m still a work in progress.)

So today, Lord, we pray that we be used by You for Your purposes. We pray that we become more like Joseph, that our hearts become more compassionate every day, and that we learn to put others first and care about them, even during those times when it is not fair.