I remember when Bubba Watson had his miraculous victory at the Masters Golf Tournament. He made the putt, he won. He turned to his caddy—the congratulatory hug was so different. For me, this is when it all changed. You could see Bubba’s shoulders shaking in the arms of the caddy; he was convulsing with tears—not of fear or pain or heartache, but sheer joy, a heartfelt cry. Then, the line started to form to the right: his mom next; then his golfing buddies. It seemed like he went from one sobbing embrace to the next.

Heaven? Yeah, I think Heaven will be like that. We make our final putt here on earth, we are called to judgment, and because of the grace granted to us, because of our belief, because of the race we ran here on earth, we are in the presence of the Lord. We are embraced with both arms of the Lord wrapped around us, and we sob with joy.

And then the line forms to the right, all of our friends and family who had gone on before us, even our golfing buddies—they are there to greet us. I know much work is ahead of me and each of us, but I long for that day. I long to be embraced by my Savior; to be embraced by my mom, my dad, my brother, my father-in-law, and my brother-in-law. Who will be meeting you?

For to me, living means opportunities for Christ, and dying – well, that’s better yet!  For if living will give me more opportunities to win people to Christ, then I really don’t know which is better, to live or die! Sometimes I want to live and at other times I don‘t, for I long to go and be with Christ.  How much happier for me than being here!  But the fact is that I can be of more help to you by staying!
Philippians 1:21–24

Let us all focus on the race ahead and finish strong.

Lord, help us to recognize that the burdens in our lives are just the obstacles placed in our path so that we can show others how, with Your help, we can jump over them. Father, we want to thank You for loving each of us so much that You made a way for our salvation through Your Son, Jesus Christ. Thank You for accepting those who have gone ahead of us, for they are in a place of such joy and peace. We pray that You give us the wisdom to know the race that You want us to run and that we run that race with strength, courage and conviction so that when You call us home, that the line will form to the right. Amen.