Recently, I was led to the book of 2 Chronicles, chapter 20. I don’t recall reading about King Jehoshaphat before, or hearing about him in church or in any sermon. I thought the story of the upcoming battle was right on point: a story of overwhelming odds against, with the prophecy being in verse 15:

“Listen to me, all you people of Judah and Jerusalem, and you, O King Jehoshaphat,” he exclaimed. “The Lord says, Don’t  be afraid! Don’t be paralyzed by this mighty army! For the battle is not yours, but God’s!”
2 Chronicles 20:15

Perfect! We have nothing to fear; the Lord has got this one. Once, during a period of hardship and personal “drought,” I went to Office Depot one day—Wham! Nothing bad happened. No bad news, no bad phone calls, no rejections—but nothing happened. Like many of you, I was ready to get back to work, to get back to my normal routine—but nothing. No calls, no meetings, no paycheck. Here come the doubts, here come the worries—rushing at me outside of Office Depot. “Jesus, save me,” were the words that came to mind.

Now the God moment! Driving home, I turned the radio to a Christian station (WTBN 570am) and a minister was giving a sermon. The topic was King Jehoshaphat—the guy I had never heard of before. Sorry to many of you, this will come across a little like “Tim has lost it.” Actually, I think, Tim has found it. The Lord gave me a little reminder that He does have me.

So today, let’s be in prayer for each other. Lord—walk us through the tough moments of the day; we all have them. Allow us to remember to call upon Your Name—the most Powerful. Let us turn it over to You, to truly surrender and remember the words of the prophet in verse 15: “For the battle is not yours, but God’s!” Take it today.

Have a great, worry-free day.