Do you trust God? I mean really trust God? There is a story in the Old Testament that I think does a great job of showing us how to trust when things are not going right and what it looks like. Do you know the story of the rebellion against Moses by Korah and 252 other men in the desert? It is in the book of Numbers, chapter 16.

Life was tough in the desert, so Korah and the others went to Moses and Aaron and told them that they were not good leaders and that they themselves should be appointed the leaders of the people instead. Well, Moses knew what to do: trust the Lord. Basically, Moses concluded that God had put him in charge, and if God wanted him to step down, God would tell him and the others. So, this is what he did:

When Moses heard what they were saying he fell face downward to the ground. Then he said to Korah and to those who were with him, “In the morning the Lord will show you who are his, and who is holy, and whom he has chosen as his priest.”
Numbers 16:4–5

In the morning, Korah and the others showed up to meet Moses and Aaron again. Moses was right—the Lord showed who was His. Korah and his family and the others were swallowed up by the earth right there! This story is not meant to scare us but to give us confidence in our trust in the Lord.

Let’s follow the lead of Moses. God put us here. If He wants us to move, He will let us know and He will make it happen. If He wants us to stay, He will let us know. If He wants us to do something totally different, He will let us know. Trust in the Lord in everything you do.

So today, Lord, we pray that our faith is strengthened so we can have complete trust in You, as we saw Moses demonstrate, so that when we are challenged, we just point to the Heavens and say to You, “You’ve got this one, Lord. We will wait for your direction!”

Sounds simple? It is. Just ask Moses—or, better yet, ask Korah.

Have a trusting day.