Do you hear the music yet? How will you describe your victory? What words will you sing? You’d better get ready.

The following scripture is likely the world’s very first recorded song—a song of victory:

Then Miriam the prophetess, the sister of Aaron, took a timbrel and led the women in dances. And Miriam sang this song: “Sing to the Lord, for he has triumphed gloriously. The horse and rider have been drowned in the sea.”
Exodus 15:20

We know it is hard to see victory when we are lying on our backs, just getting knocked down again and again. But victory is ours—it really is. As I spend more and more time in God’s Word, I see so often that when defeat was upon God’s people, He delivered them over and over again. There was no greater time of need than when the Israelites were fleeing Egypt, but they got to the Red Sea and stopped! But Moses, through God, parted the Red Sea, and God’s people walked through, followed closely by the Egyptian Chariots. BAM! The Red Sea came back together. The Egyptian forces were destroyed. God’s people escaped again!

Can you imagine their fear? They’d already burned all the bridges with Egypt, and they were fleeing. Now they were trapped, about to be slaughtered. Imagine what it was like looking at the Egyptian chariots heading their way! How defeated they must have felt! But then, imagine the guy next to you tapping you on the shoulder and pointing behind you—the Sea has parted. You aren’t trapped anymore. How did that happen? You look up at Moses. He and God have it under control. So, you hustle to the other side—I mean really hustle—but it’s still not good. Here come the Egyptians! Until the Sea comes back together. Wow.

So, how will your song of rejoicing go? I’ve got a couple of verses ready to go for mine. You’d better get ready. It’s almost your turn.

So today, we sing to the Lord and give Him thanks for the victory He is already bringing our way and the victory He is delivering to those we are praying for.

Have a victorious day.