There’s nothing worse than being stuck “in between”—we leave one place, but we’re not quite to the next when all heck breaks loose.

As evening fell, Jesus said to his disciples, “Let’s cross to the other side of the lake.”
Mark 4:35

Do you remember the rest of the story? After Jesus and the disciples leave the shore, a nasty storm kicks up—too far away from the starting point to go back, too far away from the planned destination to go forward. Stuck “in between” in the midst of a storm. But the great news is when we are “in between,” that’s where we can see miracles! If Jesus had never said, “Let’s go to the other side,” we wouldn’t have this example to help us hang on during our “in between” times.

Many of us are at the “in between” point right now. It was not our choice to change jobs, or relations, or whatever . . . We can’t see the shore on either side of us, but we feel the cold, hard wind blowing in our faces; the boat we are in is beginning to toss; we are having doubts—Why did I not deal with this before now? Why did I stay? What a fool I was! But those doubts don’t help you, do they? You are still “in between” in the midst of the storm.

So, maybe we should take a lesson from those strong, eloquent, extraordinary men Jesus surrounded himself with: the disciples! I think the story in Mark is just as much about their reaction as it is about Jesus calming the storm. These guys have been hanging around Jesus for a while now, and they have a good idea as to who He is. So, how did they handle being “in between” with a storm all around them? They shouted, “WAKE UP, JESUS! SAVE US!” Yep, that is what I’m doing, too—shouting, “WAKE UP, JESUS! SAME ME!” It actually makes me feel better. He knows I’m scared; that is why He had Mark write about this miracle. Those closest to Him were scared (even though He was in the same boat with them), and He rebuked the storm. Then, He turned to them:

And he asked them, “Why were you so fearful? Don’t you even yet have confidence in me?”
Mark 4:40

 So today, Lord, we give You thanks for knowing back then that we needed examples today of Your compassion and concern for us during our times of being “in between.” Thank you. We do believe in You! Though the storm is upon us, and we feel so ill-prepared, we know You have us covered. You will quiet the storms for us. And when we are at our weakest, You will hold us tight as we scream, “WAKE UP, JESUS! SAVE ME!”

Have a Great Day.