There is an Italian restaurant here in Tampa that Diana and I love going to that has a large painting on the wall. It is the painting called “The Creation of Adam” done by Michelangelo and is on the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel. It covers the entire wall at this restaurant. It is a picture of Adam reclining on his back looking up with his arm resting on his knee. God is shown reaching to Adam with His hand and finger extended to Adam—but they are not touching. In the picture, God is the active participant and Adam is just relaxing. They are so close, yet it is Adam who has to make the final decision to touch the Lord. All he has to do is slightly lift a finger and he is connected to God!

Isn’t that just like us? We let the world take control. Some days are just tough. I feel disconnected from everything. I allow the world to take me this way and then that way; I allow the storms to batter me; I allow my worries to control my thoughts and my outlook. When I start to reel out of control, I need to continue to remind myself that the Lord is right there. All I have to do is lift my finger—or eyebrow or thought—and I am immediately connected by the Lord. He just needs me to acknowledge that I can’t do it without Him. I don’t even want to try. I know the Lord has already given me Victory—but sometimes I forget.

But I stand silently before the Lord, waiting for him to rescue me. For salvation comes from him alone. Yes, he alone is my Rock, my rescuer, defense and fortress—why then should I be tense with fear when troubles come? My protection and success come from God alone; he is my refuge, a Rock where no enemy can reach me.
Psalm 62:5–7

Today, Lord, we thank You for being so close to us. You are right there—during the good days, and during the bad days, right there, every moment of every day! We thank You, Father, that where we are weak, You are strong in us, in Jesus’ name.

Have a close day with Jesus.