Diana and I were once having dinner with friends we were just starting to get to know. The conversation started about all the problems in our lives and the struggles, about this and that. But we didn’t stay there. Somehow, our conversation turned to earlier days of initial attractions to each other, courtship, marriage, and young kids. The expressions on all of our faces changed to smiles, and we were actually giggling as we “remembered when.” Then, we spoke about miracles!

We have all had them: events that have occurred in our lives that we really can’t explain. An unexpected check in the mail, a call from a friend you had just been thinking about but had not seen in years, white roses showing up unexpectedly—some really big, some really small, but we do remember them.

By sunset the courtyard was filled with the sick and demon-possessed, brought to him for healing; and a huge crowd of people from all over the city of Capernaum gathered outside the door to watch. So Jesus healed great numbers of sick folk that evening and ordered many demons to come out of their victims.
Mark 1:32–34

The people forgot the miracles, and they yelled for him to be crucified; the disciples forgot the miracles and abandoned him; and we forget about the miracles already in our lives, and we try to fix today by ourselves. It is okay to forget—we all do. But today, you get to remember. What miracle impacted your life? How did it come about? Was it big? Was it small? Now, be courageous and tell someone about it—they had a miracle too that they want to share.

Today, Lord, we thank You for the times You have shown Your awesome power and allowed us to be a witness. It is those times that sustain us in our current time of need. We pray to You, Father, to give us the strength to make our way through today’s trials, and while we wait expectantly for another miracle from You, we accept Your Will for us. We give You praise and glory. Amen.

Have a Miraculous Day.