Some days are just more difficult. We start out with good intentions and on the right path. We are hopeful for the day as the sun comes up. Many of us even start the day in prayer. But then come the distractions. We get a call that is disturbing; we lose our temper early on; we allow the day to take us off the course we had planned. We just want to kick something! But we must not lose faith, we must not lose hope, we must get back on track again!

So I pray for you Gentiles that God who gives you hope will keep you happy and full of peace as you believe in him. I pray that God will help you overflow with hope in Him through the Holy Spirit’s power within you.
Romans 15:13

The Lord knew we would need His help. That is why He has provided the Comforter. That is why He provided us with Scripture. Just for those days and times when we would get off track.

So today, Lord, we thank You for providing the Holy Spirit to guide us. We pray that our hope upon You is strong today to keep getting us back on track when our minds wander and we lose focus. You are the source of all of our hope. Amen.

Have an On-Track Day.