A friend of mine was telling me he had seen a motivational program recently that touched him. The theme was this: if you provide favor to someone, then favor will come to you. Seems like a logical statement, but it is not that easy, is it? In the statement above, it appears we need to put others interests ahead of our own. That is not natural. We need to have a level of trust. Not trust in the person we provide favor to, but trust in God.

When was the last time you really put someone else ahead of you? I’m not even talking about a stranger. When was the last time you put your spouse ahead of you? Your workmates ahead of you? Your neighbors ahead of you? If I honestly look at this question, I don’t stack up too well. If I want favor returned to me, well, I think I know what I need to get started on doing today.

And all the believers met together constantly and shared everything with each other, selling their possessions and dividing with those in need. They worshiped together regularly at the Temple each day, met in small groups in homes for Communion, and shared their meals with great joy and thankfulness, praising God. The whole city was favorable to them, and each day God added to them all who were being saved.
Acts 2:44–47

So, let’s not get tired of doing what is good for others. We will reap a harvest for ourselves and our family—the favor will be returned, many times over.

So today, Lord, we give You thanks for the favor You have already provided to us. We pray that we are humble enough to put others’ needs in front of our own and that we learn to put our trust in You. Help us, Father, to reach out to others and provide them favor, as we know You will continue to provide us favor.

Have a Favorable Day.