Do you ever have those times when fear takes over, doubt consumes you, and you wonder if God will hear your cries? Well, that has definitely happened to me before. I can’t say anything triggered my fear or doubt. As a matter of fact, once I was even having a wonderful day; I had just spent several hours in fellowship with friends. Yet, in a flash, fear creeped in, bringing doubt with it. With tears streaming down my face, I cried out to the Lord, “Am I going to be okay? Are You going to provide?” And the list went on and on. Unsure of what to do with all of this, I went to my Bible!

But she said, “I swear by the Lord your God that I haven’t a single piece of bread in the house. And I have only a handful of flour left and a little cooking oil in the bottom of the jar. I was just gathering a few sticks to cook this last meal, and then my son and I must die of starvation.” But Elijah said to her, “Don’t be afraid! Go ahead and cook that ‘last meal,’ but bake me a little loaf of bread first; and afterwards there will still be enough food for you and your son. For the Lord God of Israel says that there will always be plenty of flour and oil left in your containers until the time when the Lord sends rain, and the crops grow again!”
1 Kings 17:12

The widow was preparing to die with her son from starvation. No hope! But Elijah, the prophet, told her to give him the last bit of food, and then she would have plenty. She believed. She trusted God. You have to read the rest of the story because there it was for me to read. Yes, the Lord says, “I hear your cries, and I will provide!” His provision might be in ways I didn’t expect, but as a child and follower of His, I can trust that God will provide. When the income is low and the bills high, we can trust; when the doctors can’t explain the pain or the ailment, we can trust; when divorce is so close, we can trust; when there is no victory in sight, we can trust. The Lord says, “I hear your cries, and I will provide!”

So today, Lord, we celebrate and give praise to You for Your faithful provision. We pray that we may have the faith to totally trust You. I cry out… and You know my every need. Thank You, Father. I surrender to You. Amen.

Have a Day of Overwhelming Provision.