It starts with one, but it finishes with many.

Diana and I once read the book of Nehemiah together. Not the most exciting book in the Bible, but for me, there was a message. The Israelites were a conquered nation; they had been taken to foreign lands to serve other kings. But times were changing; those exiled were beginning to return to Jerusalem. Nehemiah was a good man, not a prophet. He heard that the walls of the city of Jerusalem were still torn down and the gates burned, never repaired from the destruction of years before. The condition of his homeland was heavy on his mind and heavy on his heart. But what could one man do?

He served the king of Persia. He was his cupbearer. After prayer one day, he asked the king for permission to travel to his homeland so that he could rebuild the city of his fathers. His request was granted with favor. Now let’s fast forward—the wall was rebuilt in just 52 days after Nehemiah showed up and the project began. It was not an easy project; there were others who did not want the walls rebuilt. It had been years since the destruction. How was one man able to do this? I encourage you to read chapters 1–6 of Nehemiah—not an easy read, but I think worthwhile. You will see that it wasn’t one man who rebuilt the wall and gates, but many. It started with one, but it took many to finish!

So, what is heavy on your mind and heart? Is it the view of poverty that you see? Is it the need to protect the unprotected that has grabbed you? Or, is it in your own marriage that the walls need repair and weigh heavy on your thoughts? It starts with one! While you may not be able to do it all yourself, if you take the first step—or second, or third—others will follow to help finish the job. They will. I know.

The Lord now chose seventy other disciples and sent them out ahead in pairs to all the towns and villages he planned to visit later. These were his instructions to them: “Plead with the Lord of the harvest to send out more laborers to help you, for the harvest is plentiful and the workers so few.”
Luke 10:1–2

So today, Lord, we give You thanks for allowing something to catch our eye, for allowing something to touch our heart, for allowing something to make us notice. We pray for the strength and courage to be the one to take the first step, not to wait on others, not to wait for this cause to be politically correct. Allow us to step out of our comfort zone, like Nehemiah, to bring about change for Your Glory, Father. We pray that we also notice when a cause or a project has started that needs help, that we not hesitate to jump in and join the team. The harvest is so great; allow us to be one of the many workers to help finish the job. Amen.

Have a Powerful Day.